Many of us at Crabtree Church have had amazing experiences of God's goodness to us. You can read some of our testimonies here

Hughie Blackford

My story begins... how our God has been so good to me.

I was born in Watford in 1941, and lived in that town until 1960 when my mother bought a hardware shop in Wheathamstead. In those days I was not a Christian.

My story of how God started to work in my life started many years ago, in October 1985. I got up in the morning about 6am, cleaned the rooms downstairs, made tea and called my mother as she liked to get up early in the morning on a Sunday. She didn't like to stay in bed. However, when I called her I got no answer, so I knocked on her door, still no answer, so I called her again and again without success. So I obtained a crowbar from our shed and broke the bedroom open. She was laying unconscious in bed. So I immediately telephoned for an ambulance, and she was taken to St Albans hospital. They told me she had had a very bad stroke in the night.